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Bodrum Restaurants

Marina Yacht Club

A veritable complex of food and entertainment, the Marina Yacht Club will cater to most of your needs for dining and drinks.

Located at the Bodrum Marina, the Marina Yacht Club has beautiful views of the marina itself and has restaurants that offer delicious Turkish, Italian and International cuisine. The bars have live entertainment during the evenings but the Marina Yacht Club is an excellent meeting point during the day as well. You will love the atmosphere, the food, the entertainment and the people watching at the Marina Yacht Club.

Tel.: +90 (252) 316 12 28


Aquarium Restaurant

For 16 years, Aquarium Restaurant has had the honor of being named one of the best fish and seafood restaurants in Turkey.

Located on docks right on the Aegean Sea, the restaurant is in the town of Gumusluk which is about 15 minutes away from Bodrum. As diners enjoy the freshest seafood possible with all natural and fresh ingredients, they also enjoy the fresh sea air and views of the Aegean and its islands. If your group is eight to ten people, Aquarium's VIP vehicle will also pick you up in Bodrum then drop you back off if you so request. Aquarium is Aegean and seafood cuisine at its best.

Tel.: +90 (252) 394 36 82


Bitez Creamery

Bitez Dondurmacisi (Ice Creamery) is consistently rated one of the best ice cream shops in Turkey and is a popular destination for locals, tourists and the jet set.

A small and unassuming shop about six kilometers from central Bodrum in the village of Bitez, the creamery is run by two brothers devoted to freshness and taste. All ingredients are fresh; the fruits are picked and brought to the shop usually on the same day. There are a total of 14 flavors and you will only be able to choose what is in season. No artificial flavorings, sauces or anything of the sort... and this is why it's so popular. Open since 1993, the store is always crowded.

Tel.: +90 (252) 363 93 45

No web site.

Gemibasi Restaurant

A popular destination for fresh fish, meze appetizers and seafood for more than 35 years, Gemibasi is run by two brothers and is located in Bodrum's centre.

The recipes are kept secret, the ingredients are all fresh and procured daily, and most of the customers are regulars. Convenient location, great food and proven quality; need we say more?

Tel.: +90 (252) 316 12 20


Macakizi Restaurant

Part of the Macakizi Hotel, which happens to be one of our top ten places to stay in Bodrum, the Macakizi Restaurant was opened in 2000 and is one of our favourite places in Bodrum to eat as well.

Specialties made from fresh, local ingredients and prepared in an authentic wood burning oven, you will be able to enjoy sumptuous food underneath olive trees in a romantic setting. Try the "Manti", Turkish dumplings which will have your taste buds singing.

Tel.: +90 (252) 377 62 72


Denizhan Restaurant

A short drive from Bodrum's centre, Denizhan is a family owned restaurant that is a must for fans of meat dishes and kebabs. An "Ocakbasi" or "Grillfront" restaurant, the cooking of the kebabs is visible to all.

A harmonious combination of Turkish Mediterranean cuisine fused with the Southeastern kebab cuisine, Denizhan offers its customers home grown vegetables, a wide selection of wines and delicious, unforgettable food. Be sure to try the "Kunefe", a dessert that can only be understood through experience.

Tel.: +90 (252) 363 76 74


Kavakli Kofteci

"Kofte" in Turkish means "Meatball" and this is what this restaurant does. Opened in Yalikavak (about a 15 minute drive from Bodrum's centre) 17 years ago, Kavakli Kofteci has become one of the most famous restaurants in and around Bodrum.

Located in the Kavakli town centre, the tables are on the narrow street front underneath the leaves of an ancient tree. The beef is specially prepared and the spices and ingredients are gathered fresh from the hills around Bodrum. All food is prepared visible to the customers. Inexpensive and delicious, the food served at Kavakli even has regulars that visit from the nearby Greek isles. Lineups are frequent.

Tel.: +90 (252) 385 47 48


Sunger Pizza

Touted as "Bodrum's Best Pizza", Sunger is located at the Bodrum Marina and is extremely popular with locals and visitors alike.

Always crowded, Sunger makes delicious pizzas at inexpensive prices with high quality ingredients. This formula equals their well deserved success. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner; you may wish to sit on their rooftop terrace for brilliant views over the Marina. Try their wide variety of pizzas, garlic bread or try their "Cokertme Kebap" for a wonderful local flavor.

Tel.: +90 (252) 316 08 54


La Jolla Bistro

La Jolla is a chic bistro with a good wine list, a variety of coffees, organic ingredients... and they also serve sushi!

Located in central Bodrum, La Jolla will be a good choice to relax, have some tapas or sushi with some good wine and then a coffee of your choice. The owners have lived in San Diego and their cuisine reflects both the Mediterranean and Californian influences.

Tel.: +90 (252) 313 76 60



A small seafood restaurant just on the hill leading up to the famous Halikarnas club in central Bodrum, Orfoz is quickly becoming one of the most popular destinations for mussels, octopus, squid and other fresh seafood.

The 30 seat restaurant has a basic and clean atmosphere and the two brothers who run it learned the trade from their experienced parents who run the original Orfoz in Marmaris, one of the most popular seafood restaurants among fishermen. A unique and different experience and open only after 19:00, Orfoz is an excellent choice.

Tel.: +90 (252) 316 42 85


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